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Graphic designing is the art of communicating ideas and messages by easily integrating various elements including images, illustrations and text to create visual communication with the intended impact. Graphic Designing is very important to the advertising and publishing industries for the sake of designing templates, eye-catchy logos, icons, labels, attention-grabbing posters, banners, and various marketing techniques.

Graphic Design is also invaluable within the publishing industry and an irreplaceable tool for designing newspapers, journals, magazines, text books, comics, novels and other forms of publications. Our Graphic Designing Course would help students build a strong foundation in visual design and communication.

Graphic Designing Training in Visakhapatnam course curriculum in a moderate pace and are very flexible by keeping in mind the abilities and potential of each and every student. We have structured the course in such a way that every individual can quickly grasp the topics very easily. We will ensure that you can accumulate an advanced skill set to make it easier for you to find a suitable job. We provide you with a highly updated software and tools used for designing.

Regardless of your educational background, we train you from basics to advanced level of Graphic Designing concepts in a manner simple and easy to implement. Simpliskills graphic designing training in Visakhapatnam makes sure that the gap between your academics and industry standards and demands are met as you complete this course with us and get your dream job.

Adobe Illustrator Training in Visakhapatnam

Adobe Illustrator

This is a vector graphics application. The main advantage of this application is that it will allow you to save images in vector format so that they can be resized without a loss in quality. This proves to be very beneficial to graphic designers as they must often produce an output in multiple dimensions.

Adobe Indesign Training in Visakhapatnam

Adobe InDesign

This is a desktop publishing software that is often used for creating brochures, posters, magazines, flyers, and presentations. Indesign is an easy to learn software that will help elevate the work quality of both novice and professionals that are in the field of Graphic design.

Adobe Photoshop Training in Visakhapatnam

Adobe Photoshop

It is a graphic designing application that has become an industry standard. It is commonly used to edit aspects of images such as reducing noise, adjusting contrast, and fixing colours. Graphic designers often use Photoshop to edit images for web pages, advertisements, and posters.

Adobe CorelDraw Training in Visakhapatnam

Adobe CorelDraw

This is a vector graphics application as well. It is also used to create bitmap images. It is very easy to use for the creation of things like brochures, logos, and invitation cards. It is a highly sought after skill that professional graphic designers must master to help ease the difficulty of their work.

You can learn Graphic Designing by mastering Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and Corel Draw tools and start implementing it practically. This would also help you train yourself slowly and become a skilled professional. The demand for graphic designers is increasing day by day as everyone needs new creative ideas for their business development.

Without Graphic Design it is not possible for any one to promote their business effectively. Upon completion of this course, students can gain high level positions in Ad Agencies, Publishing Firms and Design Studios, as a Graphic Artist, Graphic Designer, Digital Illustrator, or Visualizer.

Who can attend Graphic Designing Training in Visakhapatnam?


If you are a Student or a Jobseeker, here comes a great opportunity to excel in the field of Graphic Designing. This field is growing enormously day by day and the chances of it becoming a stable career are prominent. Students with knowledge in Graphic Desgin are capable of turning out into entrepreneurs building start-ups with new business ideas.

Working Professionals

An individual looking to pick up a new easy to learn skill in an area of high demand ought to consider learning graphic design. Learning graphic design can benefit, multimedia artists, art directors, and product designers. With the world looking for more and more creative individuals with this unique skill, now is the time to act! Now is the time to learn it!

Business Professionals

Building brand credibility is often a major player when it comes to building brand visibility. High quality design of logos, flyers and brochures builds a businesses credibility. Because as we all know first impressions make all the difference. As a brand becomes more visible through its credibility it makes more easier to market.


An entrepreneur must learn the true value of graphic design. Graphic design is not just a luxury, it is a necessity in order to build a well-rounded brand. The logos, flyers, brouchers and pamphlets rendered through great graphic designing principles will launch a brand or organization forward as they build themselves a name.

Why Our Graphic Designing Course

  • 1 to 1 Training Program
  • Dedicated Computer Lab
  • Unlimited Lab Facility
  • Multi-Platform Demonstration
  • Industry Relevant Content
  • 100% Course Satisfaction
  • Case studies and Assignments
  • Project based Practical Training
  • Cost Effective Training

Why Our Graphic Designing Course

  • Dedcated Discussion Forums
  • Webinars, Meetups and Workshops
  • Effective Business Communication Skills
  • Frequent Job Updates
  • Resume Preparation Assistance
  • Assured Placement Guidance
  • Lifetime Support for all Students
  • Career Guidance and Career Services
  • Flexible batches – weekends and weekdays

Benefits of Graphic Designing Course

  • Help you develop your own digital marketing strategies
  • Develop a vision of what you want with the help of our training
  • Rapid-growing, demanding and highly competitive profession
  • Intelligently planned internships with practical experience
  • Learn from experienced and certified trainers

Benefits of Graphic Designing Course

  • Equal importance for both theoretical and practical methods
  • Free Ebooks, Practical Assignments, Certification Support
  • Fast track course available with real-time case studies
  • Prepare for International Certifications
  • Dedicated Discussion Forums

























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Graphic Designing Course Curriculum

Adobe Photoshop

Level 1 - Intro to Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction to Workspace and Tools
  • Creation of Simple Graphics

  • Level 2 – Intro, Tools & Practical

  • Photoshop for Advertising and Branding
  • Photoshop for Business and Digital Marketing
  • Photoshop for Photography and Image Retouching
  • Photoshop for Interior Designing
  • Photoshop for Motion and Animation
  • Photoshop for Art and Entertainment
  • Photoshop for Designing and Engineering
  • Photoshop for Print Medium and publications
  • Photoshop for Game Design and Development

  • Lesson 3

  • Core Practical Training
  • Live Projects

Adobe InDesign

Level 1 - Intro to Adobe InDesign

  • Introduction to Workspace and Tools
  • Creation of Simple Designs

  • Level 2 – Intro, Tools & Practical

  • Indesign for Layers and Frames
  • Indesign for Managing graphics
  • Indesign for commercial printing documents
  • Indesign using Tools
  • Indesign for Printing
  • Indesign for Exporting Drawings
  • Indesign for Working with Text and Paragraph
  • Indesign for Special Effects

  • Lesson 3

  • Core Practical Training
  • Live Projects

Adobe Illustrator

Level 1 - Intro to Adobe Illustrator

  • Introduction to Workspace and Tools
  • Creation of Illustrations

  • Level 2 – Intro, Tools & Practical

  • Illustrator for Isometry
  • Illustrator for Infographics
  • Illustrator for Technical Drawings
  • Illustrator for Interior Designing
  • Illustrator for Designing and Engineering
  • Illustrator for Game Design and Development
  • Illustrator for Event Management
  • Illustrator for Layouts and Portfolios
  • Illustrator for Branding and Package Designs

  • Lesson 3

  • Core Practical Training
  • Live Projects

Adobe Photoshop

Level 1 - Intro to Adobe Coreldraw

  • Introduction to Workspace and Tools
  • Creation of Simple Creatives

  • Level 2 – Intro, Tools & Practical

  • Coreldraw for Selecting and Manipulating Objects
  • Coreldraw for Drawing and Shaping Objects
  • Coreldraw for Working with Text and Paragraph
  • Coreldraw for Outlining & Filling Objects
  • Coreldraw for Using Symbols and Clipart
  • Coreldraw for Transforming Objects
  • Coreldraw for Exporting Drawings
  • Coreldraw for Special effects
  • Coreldraw for Using Layers and Page Layouts

  • Lesson 3

  • Core Practical Training
  • Live Projects

Professional Graphic Designing Designations

Photoshop Designer

A Photoshop designer uses photoshop to design things like logos, flyers, pamplets and brochures for a company or organization. Photoshop Designing consists of a pixel-based interface and is intuitive and easy to learn so it facilitates an ease in design.

Logo Designer

A logo designer works to develop a logo for a company, brand, or organization. A logo is a visual representation of a brand. A logo builds credibility and trust, which is why a logo must be designed with care as it is a direct representation of a brand.

InDesign Designer

An InDesign designer uses the Adobe software, InDesign as a publication software in which they can create flyers, brochures. It is used by graphic designers, and marketing professional as it can be shared in both print and digital formats.

Illustrator Designer

An Illustrator often works with graphic designer to develop and create images as per a company’s needs and wants. An illustrator puts the design and creations down on paper while a graphic designer works to bring it onto the screen.

Corel Draw Designer

As the name suggests, a Corel Draw designer uses Corel Draw, a vector graphics editor the design things like logos and templates for a company or organization. Corel Draw poses an advantage over photoshop as it is a vectors application.

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer dabbles in everything. He must be proficient in all types of software such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. He must use all of these tools to produce an ideal output while developing professional graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Graphic designing training is all about aesthetic value and professionalism. The demand for this skill is becoming scarce and at the same time companies are constantly on the look for young new talent who are extremely passionate about designing and are willing to go the extra mile.

The field of graphic designing is one that is rapidly expanding, and is projected to grow at an even faster rate. This field will help companies make their brand more appealing to the eye as it is heavily dependent on appearances. So the future scope of graphic designing is nearly infinite and will only continue to grow.

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate on the successful completion of the training session. Also we provide you with soft and hard copy notes of graphic designing as training material.

Yes, We have tie ups with companies that hire for graphic designing positions and you can avail internship on stipend basis. The internship duration and process decision rests with the company authorities.

We offer several courses belonging to the graphic designing field. The training schedule is available on weekdays and weekends. Flexi batches and timings are also offered for the special need of students for their comfort learning. Our regular training course has a nominal duration of 50 to 60 days.

Simpliskills is a well-designed training institute with 80% practical and 20% theory. Unlike other training institutes, we are unique in our ethics and provide real-time projects for a live exposure to the current industry trends that provide better insight.

Simpliskills always provides you with the finest and dedicated faculties who are well equipped with complete graphic designing stuff. Our team has professional faculties who are well qualified with B.E/M.Tech/MBAs who are able to impart the best education for every individual candidate at our institute.

The topics would be the same, more or less. The major difference we think we have is; our knowledge delivery method. Our expert trainers have mentored many students and gave fulfilling careers to all of them. Our training is supported with active case studies and our trainer is an entrepreneur who highlights his experience while training.

To support our job seekers, we have a dedicated resource which does research on placements and builds relationships with corporates that are in constant search for skilled certified hackers.

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