Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing for Freshers

As you slide out of your bed each morning make yourself a cup of coffee and sit down at the dining table and pick up the latest edition of your favorite magazine or newspaper. You most definitely would have at one point pondered what it would be like to be a part of this industry.

For being a professional digital marketer you must focus on your audience and connect with them by having a grip on social media, internet, emails. Well, if you have you will find the information below to be of interest. 

Content Marketing: 

Building up amazing marketing ideas the copywriters have been hired as full-time or as freelancers. They express the ideas and words of a content that suits the visual components as well. Content writing should be handled in such a way that the details and margins of the marketing field should be clear and transparent and moreover have good content. 

  1. The instructions and responsibilities for copywriters should be followed.
  2. Having a conversation about the client’s goal and target the group of audience.
  3. Adding your creativity on the content to make your idea visualize.
  4. Framing and displaying a couple of substitutions or replacements to the clients.
  5. Edit the tagline and add up slogans for fulfilling your clients.

Content Writer: 

A content writer bears the responsibility of managing the content on the company’s page. Though it sounds simple, the job has many layers to it. It’s because the content created is the representative of the brand. Targeting the potential audience and the probability of retaining them depends on how well a content writer plays with words and influences the audience.

Needless to say, it is extremely important to create engaging content. Besides, content writers do extensive keyword research and pack their content with the keywords. This ensures the write-out is SEO-friendly. That means search engines discern this type of content as relevant, find it easily and display them very often to the users on typing the keywords.  Below are some prime responsibilities of content writers:

  1. Being informed about the subjects related to the industry they work in. Participation in several meetings and indulging in studies keep them updated. Without this, creating quality content becomes difficult.
  2. Preparing content which is rich in keywords, concise, informative as well as engaging. It should be kept in mind that the purpose of writing the content is to promote a brand. So, staying true to the perspectives and being creative enough to stimulate interest in the audience.
  3. Examine the content before putting it out on websites. This involves proofreading and editing, wherein a content writer is required to make necessary modifications if needed and make the contents ready to be published.
  4. Leverage the facilities provided by the content management systems and plan the drafts accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization:

Whenever it comes to online content creation, SEO always pops up. Indeed it is the game-changer. Search Engine optimization is the reason behind your visibility online. There are certain relevant keywords which are most popularly searched by users. When you upload a write-out online, the probability of that getting displayed to a maximum number of people is decided by the intensity of the keywords used in it.

Making content SEO-friendly escalates your chances of getting shown to the audience. This directly results in accumulating a potential audience and winning potential clients for your business.

SEO Executive:

An SEO Executive is an expert in search engine optimization. He is entitled to make the contents SEO-friendly and adopt marketing strategies which would result in an upswing in the client’s business. Analyzing the metrics and optimising posts accordingly to boost the online presence is equally important. Some note-worthy duties of an SEO Executive are :

  1. Be inquisitive enough to learn more about SEO and the latest developments in the field.
  2. Be very thorough with the requirements of the client and conduct keyword research to find the ones which are relevant to the client’s business.
  3. Be an integral part of the content creating a journey to deliver SEO-friendly content.
  4. Use analytical tools to analyze the performance of the campaigns, improvise accordingly  and keep a record of that of the competitors to be at par with them.
  5. Develop on-site and off-site strategies to increase the visibility of the website.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is an emerging industry of brand promotion. Here, social media platforms are used as a medium to promote the brands and to build on business growth. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn bridge the gap between business owners and the audience. By means of great content across these platforms, business owners of all sizes get enabled to increase their reach, get in touch with a potential audience, turn them into customers and this cycle continues.

Advertisements on social media are also an important way of promoting and lagging behind in that arena might not yield the desirable results. Through different analytical tools, the advertisers can track the performance of their brand in the market and make improvements accordingly.


Social Media Executive:

A social media marketing executive is in charge of managing all the social media handles of the company. By creating and designing exquisite content, he aims to transform every website visitor into a client and engage with them to win their trust thereafter. Individuals working in this field are subject to exertion as it requires incessant brewing of new ideas, working on different platforms simultaneously and addressing queries of all the followers. Some notable responsibilities of social media executives are :

  1. Schedule and design post the optimum time daily.
  2. Continuously track the performance of the brand and analyze the metrics.
    Besides, it’s important to create reports for a personal reference at regular intervals and improvise the projects based on the details.
  3. Be alert while on social media and look for opportunities to elevate the brand value.
    Recognizing conversations which can be healthy for the brand and getting into it will positively impact the business growth.
  4. Be very vigilant about what is getting posted related to the company by the audience and deal with them tactfully and professionally.
  5. Analyze the performance from the metrics, read the reports regularly and work accordingly to amplify the results.
  6. Keep themselves updated with the ongoing fad and the development of new tools.

Google Advertising:

Google Advertising is also called Pay Per Click Marketing or Search Engine Marketing. Google is the most used search engine at present. So putting up an advertisement on Google enhances your chance of getting noticed multi-folds. Through platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, business owners advertise their products either as search results or on other websites.

While running ad campaigns, they identify the keywords related to their brand and pitch on them. While this increases their exposure to millions, they pay every time a searcher clicks on their ad. This led to the concept of ‘ pay per click’. Through Google advertisements, there are high chances of getting noticed as well as expanding your customer base.

PPC Executive: 

A PPC executive manages the PPC ad campaigns. The management covers roles like designing the ads and streamlining them. The PPC team leader takes the responsibility of delivering campaigns which highlight client engagement. This helps in attracting the target audience. PPC Executives have the following roles to play :

  1. Design and streamline the paid campaigns.
  2. Perform extensive keyword search so as to intensify the chances of getting displayed by Google in case the ad is in the form of a search result.
  3. Manage medium to large-sized budgets of the paid campaigns.
  4. Be informed about the latest trend and upgrade the campaigns regularly.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a successful attempt to build an active relationship with the clients. Commercial emails are sent in bulk to the previous or current clients for several purposes which might include emails related to transactions, to influence sales or even to request for a review or recommendation. Besides increasing brand value, email marketing wins the loyalty of the customers. With a personalized touch to the business approach, style of marketing boosts sales as well as regain clients for long.

Email Marketing Specialist: 

An Email marketing specialist focuses on extraordinary written communication to increase brand awareness. He undertakes activities like writing effective Emails, creating lists of clients and deciding on the templates to be sent out. Identifying the best Email marketing practices and implementing them is also a great responsibility. Some additional tasks of Email Marketing Specialists are :

  1. Develop marketing strategies and campaigns and generate leads through substantial research work to widen the client base.
  2. Formulate database of prime possibilities and organize content-driven Email campaigns.
  3. Engage with clients on a regular basis through email correspondences.
  4. Conveying required documents to meet the expectations of the client’s.
  5. Record the status of clients and the database in a CRM


Blogs are a sequence of posts updated by one or multiple bloggers. The posts are usually confined to a particular subject for a single website. The topics can be wide-ranging and have no literal boundaries. Information can be shared on education, technology, lifestyle, personal experiences and so on. The one who prepares these contents to be updated on blogs is a blogger. 

Blogging is a wonderful way to reach a potential audience and establish your ideas in the public domain. By increasing the blog traffic, leads can be generated and ultimately the bloggers can earn handsome amounts.

“Blogging is an Art”. “Blogger is an Artist”.


Bloggers are those who supervise their own blogs. They create beautiful contents and love to share with their audience. Often blogs carry personal details, opinions, advice and experiences of the bloggers. Sharing information in an informal way assists the bloggers to connect well with their audience and form a close-knit family with them who can engage anytime online. Since blogs can be operated on different devices, it does not require an extravagant digital set up. You can be anywhere in the world yet be constant on your blog site. There are two most important things bloggers should keep in mind. They are :

  1. Be regular with posting on your website.
  2. Stuff your blog posts with keywords to increase your visibility online.


Individuals into freelancing are an institution themselves. They have complete authority over their professional lives. To be precise, freelancers work solely for themselves and not under anybody or for a company. A freelancing job can be undertaken in any field that is conceivable. There is liberty for the freelancers to decide their work time and work hours.  If the regular work schedules upset you, then freelancing is something you should try your hands at. 


Freelancers are those who take up the freelancing projects. As a freelancer, you will be referred to as a ‘contractor’ and not an ‘ employee’. You can boast of being self-employed and relish your comfortable work life. Freelancers generally work on a short term basis but that might extend if the client finds you efficient enough. Freelancers also have the freedom to work for multiple clients simultaneously. So brace yourself up. The more you work, the deeper your pocket gets.


Digital marketing nourishes under its umbrella a multitude of opportunities. The efforts of a host of professionals go into curating the desired content, optimizing posts, inviting the audience and building a successful client family. The above article clearly brings forward the possible career options which can be taken up in the field of digital marketing. Find out what suits you the most and become one of the pillars of this flourishing sector.

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