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Google Adsense

  Google AdSense is created for website publishers to display targeted text ads, video ads or image ads on website pages of advertisers. Google Adsense helps publishers in publishing and promoting their products or services to the right customers with the help of advertiser’s websites or blogs. In the Google advertisement platform, ads are created and paid by advertisers for promoting their products on the publisher’s site. These advertisers pay to Google on the number of clicks and number impressions made by their ads. The publishers earn money on a commission basis from Google when site visitors view or click the ads of the advertiser. Based on your website content and visitors, Google shows matching ads to the audiences. To become a member and earn money then register your website in Google Adsense by creating a free Google Adsense account, then copy and paste the code provided by Google on your website to display ads

Different Ad Formats

  • Text
  • Image
  • Rich media
  • Flash
  • Video
  • Animated image
  • Audio
  • Link units

  • Introduction to Google AdSense
  • How AdSense works?
  • Difference between AdSense & AdWords
  • Difference between AdSense & Affiliate
  • How to create a Google AdSense Account?
  • Pre-Requisite for AdSense

  • What is an Ad unit and different types of Ad Units?
  • AdSense for Mobile Users
  • AdSense Approval Tricks
  • Account Optimization AdSense with YouTube
  • Integrating AdSense with Blogger
  • Integrating AdSense with Wordpress

  • Plugins for AdSense Integration
  • Exploring AdSense Interface
  • AdSense Reports Study
  • How to Increase High Revenue via AdSense
  • Best Alternate for Google AdSense
  • DO's and Don'ts in Google Adsense

Chiranjeevi Reddy
Digital Marketing Trainer

Chiranjeevi Reddy is the Founder and CEO of Simpliskills. He completed his graduation from PITAM, JNTU Kakinada. He is a passionate digital marketer, electronics engineer and a cyber security analyst.

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