The Top 10 Digital Marketing Campaigns from India

A digital marketing campaign is known as the online marketing effort forwarded by a company or brand to drive traffic, leads, revenue, conversions, and engagement. You must have seen Facebook ads on Facebook News Feed, or followed top brands on Instagram for videos and posts. They are digital marketing campaigns. You can see the best digital marketing campaigns every day. A digital marketing campaign is built based on the following three steps:

Planning – Which means the campaign length, the outline goals, and targeted customers.

Development – Which means determining a strategy which includes voice and messaging, targeted keywords, reaching the targeted audience including making campaign location and marketing decisions, and integrating with all digital marketing channels.

Management – Which determines the success and value of the digital marketing campaign. Today digital marketing case studies are an essential part of a digital marketing strategy which is used by almost every agency out there. They showcase their digital campaign ideas, product, and services with the help of the creative marketing campaigns.

Whether it’s a small or big company, every marketing company is using social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in creative ways to market their products. Here are the top 10 list of best digital marketing campaigns from India to get inspired from.

1. Social Media Marketing Campaign: How KFC India Boosted its Social Media Presence

The above video by Social Samosa is among the best social media case studies of how KFC India has boosted its social media presence in the country. KFC is among the famous global restaurant chain brands. It’s the number one restaurant brand on social media in India. KFC is increasing their online presence on social media platforms for their brand awareness.

Objective –
The primary objective of this social media marketing campaign was to increase the sale of their product in India and to appeal and to target young audience by involving apps like Radio KFC RK Hunt, Designing their own bucket campaign, Currycature, and Wow Menu option. They wanted to develop their brand engagement.

Execution –
3000 people around 30 Indian cities have participated in this competition. “Radio KFC RJ Hunt” was a social media campaign to promote KFC brand’s in-house radio channel. For the execution, the fans recorded their voices over the internet with the Facebook app and were provided with the analog radio experience.

“Design your own bucket” campaign was their another execution where the participants came up with their colorful and creative KFC buckets. They received 5500 entries in total. They also introduced bucket entries with Sachin’s picture on the KFC bucket on the day when he retired.

“Currycature” was another creative marketing campaign of KFC which gave a unique experience to their fans where participants had to choose a character with an ethnic Indian touch and then to upload the pictures. Around 17 thousand curry catures were made by their fans.

Their next move was the “Wow Menu Option on an INR 500 note.” This app allowed the users to scan their 500 currency notes which would suggest their various food menus to be purchased within that particular budget. The app became No. 1 on the iTunes app store in the F & D category.


  • As per the results of the social media campaign, KFC was featured by Social Baker as among the top 5 socially devoted brands.
  • The overall positive sentiment of their Facebook page grew from 6.2% to 93.8%.
  • Their engagement rate increased the sector average thrice.
  • KFC was placed among the five fastest growing social media brands in India.

2. British Airways: Fuelled by Love Campaign

The above video by British Airways is among the top emotional best digital marketing campaigns which shows the journey of a British Airways crew member who fell in love with India and formed a deep bond with India. Indians are full of emotions. The airline brand, British Airways has released a new digital marketing campaign titled as “Fuelled by Love.”

The campaign showcased a real-life example of a British Airways cabin crew who have experienced once in a lifetime experience in India during her first flight to India. The main subject of the campaign and the story was that “while the service is driven by purpose and efficiency, the true care is only fuelled by love.” SapientNitro created the film. The cabin crew meets an Indian passenger and develops a special bond with her. She later visited the passenger’s house in India and was amazed by the hospitality and care which she received.

With this digital marketing campaign, the airline company announced a special three-day offer for its customers from India to London with exclusive fares starting from INR 53,542 and INR 1,45,517 in economy class and business class respectively. The offer was valid for a specific time-period between February 2 to 4, and for outbound travel till 30th June.


This campaign was among the best digital marketing campaigns that have shown the two cultures coming together brilliantly. The video went live on the official website of the British Airways on February 2, 2016, and was promoted to the social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. The campaign won an award in the US and had gone viral and touched many lives. It has crossed 3.9 million views on YouTube channel, and the emotions in the video can leave you in tears.

3. Google Case Study: Dabur’s Digital Transformation For the Modern Indian Women

The above video by MyBeautyNaturally is a Google digital marketing case study. It’s Dabur’s digital transformation for modern Indian women. Indians are still very traditional people. Even the youth wants tradition in a very fashionable manner. For 30-40 years, Dabur was using the traditional media and way of marketing for 30-40 years. But they realized that digital would be great for the transformation of Modern Indian Women. There are more than 80 million women on the internet. Dabur can speak to all of them, So it’s a perfect fit for digital media to grow the brand faster.

As per Krishan Kumar Chutani, the executive vice president of Healthcare and Foods, Dabur India Limited, The main objective of this digital campaign was to become the lighthouse for all Indian brands on a digital medium. Digital media is a two-way communication and a space for storytelling. This brings the idea of being Brave And Beautiful. Brave and Beautiful started first as a social idea where they connected with the users through compelling storytelling. They wanted to salute the women who fought cancer bravely and have survived beautifully. The campaign is among the top successful digital marketing campaigns and is more than an advertisement and takes customer engagement to a different level altogether.

4. KKR Digital Marketing Case Study

The above video by Kolkata Knight Riders-Official is a digital marketing case study to gain more followers all over the world. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is the franchise representing Kolkata in the Indian Premier League, a Twenty20 cricket tournament whose co-owner is Shahrukh Khan. Sourav Ganguly was the team’s Icon Player for the first three seasons. The main objective of the KKR digital marketing campaign was:

  • How to increase brand awareness of KKR
  • How to stay tuned and connected with the fans.
  • How to keep fans and users updated with IPL news, images, and scores.

KKR is until the date the IPL team that has the most engagement with their fans and followers.


  • KKR is the only IPL team to have an exclusive YouTube Video Blog “Inside KKR” so that fans can get through their news and their favorite players easily.
  • KKR also had a website, blog and an official mobile app that kept fans engaged and updated with the latest news about the team.
  • The digital marketing team at KKR has also organized a live screen Facebook chat at Facebook HQ in Hyderabad.
  • Players of KKR had queued sessions on Twitter with their fans and ran a special “Cheer for KKR campaign” on all social media platforms. This is first for any sports team in the world.

Results of the campaign

  • The Facebook page of KKR has 15 M likes, the highest of all the other IPL teams.
  • On Twitter, KKR is the most engaging IPL team.
  • KKR became the most followed IPL team on Instagram with more than 466K followers.
  • It has also gained traffic to its Pinterest page and Google Plus profile.
  • KKR fans were given a chance to receive a customized, personalized and acknowledgement video in return which has turned to 10 million cricket followers which impacted on and off to the KKR team.

5. #RideYourIndependence – Bajaj Avenger – Independence Day campaign of 2017

The above video by Bajaj Avenger is the most impactful commercial independence day digital marketing campaign 2017 as is among the best marketing campaigns. Bajaj Avengers released their title of communication on the day of independence, “#RideyourIndependence,” which delivers the freedom of our country with women’s liberation. The 1.44 minutes video has a great impact with a powerful message ending from Mahatma Gandhi, “the day women can walk freely on the roads at night, the day we can say that India has achieved independence.” The social media campaign has already clicked by more than 11 million views on YouTube channel, more than 5.7 million views on Facebook Channel, and had a great impact on all social media platforms.

6. Coca-Cola Summer TVC 2017 featuring Deepika Padukone

The above video by Coca-Cola is the Coca-Cola Summer TVC 2017 digital marketing campaign featuring Deepika Padukone. This digital marketing campaign is fun, goofy and clicks the right chord with Deepika Padukone being an ideal casting for the campaign. Brand with celebrity association is heightened when the celebrities play themselves, making it easier to influence customers. The ad gets everything right concerning music and product placement. The campaign showcases how Coca-Cola helps to break down the ice between two strangers. Deepika Padukone gets stuck in an elevator with a housekeeper. Coca-Cola was the only rescue part, and then things just changed.

7. Vicks – Generations of Care #TouchOfCare Campaign

The above video by Vicks India is a digital marketing campaign #TouchOfCare, launched by Vicks in India which urges rethink of what makes a family. Vicks has launched the digital marketing campaign in India titles as “#TouchOfCare” challenging the viewers to redefine the meaning of a family in today’s society while reaffirming the importance and touch of care. Publicis Singapore created the campaign, with Orphan Gayatri’s story. The film captures how a transgender woman, Gauri, cared for Gayatri against all odds and challenges she faced from society.

The film was launched in India in March 2017 which reinforces the brand’s belief in the power of care. The campaign shows how two people not connected with blood, can end up being a happy family through love and care. The campaign was uploaded on YouTube on 30th March and has now gained more than 9.7 million views. The goal of the campaign was to make people recognize that everyone has a right to love and care and have a family. It was promoted across all digital and social media channels. Here is what I shared on Twitter.

The Facebook post by Vicks India got more than 2.5 Million views and more than 34,000 shares.

8. IAPC #LaughAtDeath Case Study

The above video by End Of Life Care India is a stand-up comedy by temporary ill-patients who are trained by India’s best stand-up comedians, to speak and joke about death and share their last days of life. The patients made the impossible campaign, possible with their courage to accept death and share or even joke about it. #LaughAtDeath is among the best digital marketing campaigns ever for awareness on palliative or end-of-life care, by the Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC).

Death is considered taboo in India. Society cannot talk about death. People feel uncomfortable to talk about death which leaves the ill patients lonely and depressed. Palliative focuses on making the patients comfortable during the last days of their life. The process includes counseling for the patent and their families which can help them accept death, enjoyable in their last days.

#LaughAtDeath digital marketing campaign has included terminally ill patients to perform a stand-up comedy show for their families and doctors to help them talk and even joke about death and feel comfortable about it. The patients were selected from hundreds of terminally ill patients supported by IAPC. They were trained by India’s best stand-up comedians named Kunal Kamra, Vinay Sharma, Shriram R, Punit Pania, Kashyap, and Anand Reghu.

The campaign was supported by the website end of life care India and social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which have connected the patients to palliative care centers across India. Radio Mirchi has joined to bring the #LaughAtDeath digital marketing campaign to the radio. The campaign was posted on Twitter through the first ever comedy show on Twitter. It was then posted on all social media channels and digital media through a partnership with the logical Indian, a platform that shows news and issues that often miss the limelight in the traditional Indian media.

According to Amit Akali, the Chief Creative Officer of Medulla, the healthcare -specialist advertising agency, “This campaign was among the best digital marketing campaigns and the toughest campaign ever. Patients made it easy and possible by showing their eagerness to share the stories of their last days. They moved everyone with their courage and floored with their live performances.”

9. Coca-Cola Small World Machines – Bringing India & Pakistan Together

The above video by Coca-Cola is a campaign run by Coca-Cola that showed a small world machine for bringing Pakistan and India together. The campaign “Small World Machines” was launched by Coca-Cola in India in May 2013. Digital advertising and all digital marketing campaigns are like holding up a mirror to society.

Coca-Cola has invited the people from India and Pakistan to join the campaign to share a simple joy and connection moment with the help of technology. Two High-Tech vending machines were installed in two famous shopping malls in Lahore and New Delhi. These are the cities of Pakistan and India separated by a distance of only 325 miles but are apart from each other due to political tensions.

The campaign has invited people to leave their differences aside and enjoy a small moment of joy over a coke. The “Small World Machines” campaign provided a 3D touchscreen technology with the communications portal which links two strangers from two different nations divided by borders. People from two nations were encouraged to complete a friendly task together by waving, touching hands, drawing a sign or dance piece, before sharing a coke.

The campaign’s goal was to provoke a small moment of joy and happiness and promote cultural understanding around the world. The campaign got more than 3.3 million views on YouTube when launched on May 19, 2013, reached more than 42,000 views and 294 shares when posted by the Mad Over Marketing page of Facebook.

10. BAJAJ – V “The Nation’s Bike”

The above video by Leo Burnett Parha is the best digital marketing campaigns named as #SonsOfVikrant to honor the legend Vikrant and bring her soul back. Leo Burnett created the Bajaj V Campaign #SonsOfVikrant for Bajaj Auto. Bajaj V. Vikrant was born again first and foremost not just physically but in the minds and hearts of the whole nation. The entire country stood up for her to honor the legend in a new form. Bajaj V – The Nation’s Bike, bought the metal of INS Vikrant and melted it to create an iconic brand forged by the pride of the Nation, stepped forward to honor the legendary Vikrant.

The campaign didn’t let a historical figure fade into oblivion instead wanted her legend to live on. They partnered with Bajaj Motorcycles to bring back Vikrant’s lost pride. The ten-day promotional campaign #SonOfVikrant was designed around 26th January 2016 which is an important day in India. The campaign focused on Vikrant’s story and restoring her. “Millions of Indians now can have a piece of history. Truly a Nation’s Bike has been born.” Bajaj V has gained 0.7 Million USD worth of free media coverage in just one week of the launch. It created 160 million impressions, reaching out to 32 million overall. And the most important one, Bajaj sold 11,000 bikes on the first day of launch. Bajaj production capacity has increased from 20,000 to 50,000 units monthly which is making it a brand itself worth $0.5 billion in just one month. It got 984,862 views on Youtube and more than 23,000 views on Facebook.


Best digital marketing campaigns and social media case studies or campaigns are a great source of inspiration for all the people. There should be more and more successful digital marketing campaigns year after year that involve brand driving awareness in the most creative way possible. Want to know about digital marketing? Join Simpliskills. Know about digital marketing and all its aspects. Get trained by us to get your dream job.


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