Top 10 Free and Paid Online Infographic Maker Softwares

An infographic is a visual way of representing data and information that you want to share with your audience. There are endless ways in which an infographic can be created using the various infographic tools available online.

Importance of Infographic

Infographics are an effective tool by the help of which you can present information in a way which is easily comprehensible. Statistics, visual data, charts can be easily understandable. Using online infographic makers, you can easily create infographics and use them in your content.

The reason why infographics are received much better than regular written content is because according to reports, around 90% of any given information is relayed to the brain visually and is processed 60,000 times faster.

What are the Main Parts of an Infographic?

Broadly, an infographic can be divided into three parts – visuals, content and the knowledge. Each of these are further divided into subtopics. The visuals are the colors and the graphics, content is what text is going to be displayed and knowledge is the information you want to put across.

If this seems daunting or too intricate, you need not worry. Online infographic makers have made it as easy as possible for you to create quality infographics within minutes.                                  

Top 10 Tools for Building Infographics

To make it easier to choose which platform or platforms will work the best for you, given below is a list of the best tools to create infographics.

1. Canva

The word that immediately pops to mind when thinking of this platform is easy. It is extremely easy to use and you can finish making a great infographic in 30 minutes or even less. Some more reasons why you should use it:

  • You don’t need to have a knowledge of graphic designing to create infographics
  • There are endless templates to choose from and all or most of them are customizable
  • You can use it to create presentations, social media platform-specific designs (according to their photo ratios), documents, letters and much more
  • It is considered as one of the best tools to create infographics because of its easy user interface and the many options that are available even on its free plan. Further, its app makes it very easy to create designs using a phone as well

2. Infogram

This is one of the best platforms out there for creating data visualizations. For all those who are working with numbers and are looking for cool ways in which you can display your work and present the results.

  • If you go for the paid version, you get some tools that will help you in getting such in-depth metrics and other advanced features which aren’t available elsewhere
  • If you, however, do choose the free version, your choices are extremely limited

3. Snappa

Like all the options that we have put together in this list, this is also an easy to use platform where you can create infographics in 15 minutes. Being one of the best tools to create infographics some great features of this platform are:

  • Unlike other platforms, most of the features are covered in its free plan. However, the only drawback is that you get a limited number of downloads
  • You get to create everything using Snappa, from social media posts to posters to custom infographics, it has tools for everything
  • Another thing that helps this platform in standing out is easy navigation. You don’t have to search for different tools as the interface is such that everything is right there on the screen

4. Visme

Visme is an online infographic maker and a platform which is easy enough to understand and with the help of which you can make some amazing designs since it has really good infographic tools. A few more reasons to go for this platform:

  • Create infographics with interactive elements such as links, animations and pop-ups. All of this can be easily done in 30 minutes
  • It is not just restricted to infographics, but you can use it to create presentations and animations as well
  • It is a good choice for creating designs that look complex but really aren’t

5. Piktochart

Another best tool to create infographics and a sweet and simple platform even if you don’t have any graphic designing background. It is quick and easy to use and its other benefits include:

  • It can be used to display multiple representations of information. It also includes real world data that can be incorporated into the work to make it seem more credible and authentic
  • Another reason for its popularity is the availability of step by step tutorials that makes content creation very easy

6. Venngage

This easy to use platform designed to make the lives of students, especially, easier has an extensive range of ideas which help to create infographics in 30 minutes flat. Some other great features:

  • It is an extremely fun platform where they have a fresh supply of ideas regularly
  • Students can create sophisticated designs and put their opinions across in a more impactful and easily comprehensible manner
  • It resembles Canva in the sense that it will offer you many options from which you choose so as to stick to your theme. There are many categories under infographics to choose from, such as comparison, timeline, charts, etc.


Imagine getting to the main page of and coming face to face with a number of templates you can choose from and you get to build your infographic from there. It is as simple as that. is one of the best tools to create infographics.

  • Get done with your work in – you guessed it – 30 minutes with options from a template library that has been divided category-wise
  • It is a great platform for building ideas from scratch as it has made information visualization simple and fast
  • It has proven to be a very useful teaching tool as well

8. Biteable

Finally a platform that is different, even though mostly the same. Using Biteable, you can create powerful videos, or rather video infographics and make it all the more easier for your audience to comprehend information which makes it a unique and best tool to create infographics.

  • You can choose from a number of video templates and edit and tweak them to look however you want them to look like
  • It also easily duplicates created videos so that you can treat them as templates and push multiple videos during campaigns quickly
  • Additionally, it also helps in creating some amazing explainer videos which are all the rage these days


Visualize is an online infographic maker software which is completely and totally free. Not only this, but you can be done with an infographic in mere 10 minutes! Other key features:

  • It specializes in creating visual resumes. This means that you login and create a template which you can use every time, kind of like using Word
  • You can then use this template and take its help to push more aesthetic content into the digital space

10. Mind The Graph

Mind the graph was created to cater to the needs of scientists and other professionals in the research community, even though it is available to everybody. Reasons why it is an incredible invention:

  • You have more than 3,000 options of detailed scientific illustrations at your fingertips as well as customizable infographic layouts
  •  Even though most of its best features are not for free, it is affordable
  • This is one of the largest DIY platforms where your ideas can come to life with expert knowledge of various fields in the form of illustrations


Everything that we do in the marketing world has only one motive – make it as easy as possible for the customer to realize your worth. This is because if they don’t believe in your product, they won’t buy anything from you, naturally.

Infographics are the perfect combination of graphics, content and creativity and therefore, their popularity is justified. We have presented a total of ten best tools to create infographics for you, even though 3-4 would have been sufficient. Why?

When creating content for the digital space, you need to always keep switching it up and producing fresh content. You could use different infographic tools or even combine two or three to produce unique content. For more such content, don’t forget to follow Digital Ready on various social media profiles.

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