Top 25 Website Designing Tips To Bring Customers

Nowadays, owning a website is considered as one of the most integral aspects of business promotion. But often website owners crib over not getting enough traffic or earning a potential audience. This distresses a lot of people and some of them leave it half-way. 

While this is a conceptual problem to be dealt with, there are not many places where you can go to seek advice on what exactly needs to be done. But no worries. You have landed at the right place. As you come to the end of this article you would heave a sigh of relief and buckle up to create those slight changes which you had not imagined could mysteriously solve all your issues.

Read the following points carefully to learn the secrets of attracting people to your site and converting them to your clients .

Choose a Simple Layout:
When it comes to deciding a theme for your website, always put your finger on a neat one. Don’t throng the page with a lot of components. If your website appears crowded and confusing, people might get repelled. Keep it simple and self-explanatory. 

Make Proper Use of the White Space:
Don’t know what white space is? The empty space between images, texts, margins etc.., on your website is called white space. Some refer to it as negative space also. You have the liberty to manage that. Make sure that the white space is neither too much nor too less. You can even use design to fill the space in order to add to the aesthetics. But that shouldn’t be too gaudy to distract the visitor’s attention.

Place the Call To Action Button at the Right Place:
The Call To Action button has to be properly placed on your website. It is always advisable to put it at the bottom. The proper placement of the CTA button shows how logical you are with your approach. For an instance, by putting it at the top of the page, you are asking the visitors to take action without telling them the purpose. That can give visitors the impression that you are irrational.

Prepare Content That is Easy to Understand:
The content has to be lucid. Using bombastic words to create an image that you know too much will do you no good. If the flow of your readers gets obstructed by the frequent use of difficult words, then they will not care to read further. Write in such a way that a layman can understand what you want to convey.  

Post Content Regularly:
This is a must for any website owner. Posting regularly will help you in getting noticed by the people repeatedly and will give them an impression that the website is functional. Being consistent on your site helps in the long run.

Follow Hick’s Law:
Hick’s Law states that a greater number of options confuse a person and it takes him more time to zero down on a choice. Therefore, do not confuse your clients or prospects. Restrict the number of choices. If you have an overwhelming number of options, it’s better to hide them for the sake of power users.

Add Options to Share the Content:
Add share buttons which will allow visitors to share relevant and relatable content with a single click to different social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and so on. This works wonderfully well in increasing the traffic on your website. 

Insert Images Wherever Possible:
Do not flood your pages with text only.  Think from the perspective of your audience. Even though you have put up an exceptional piece of content, no one will care to read all. Insert images in between to enhance the appearance of the page. If the images are of real people, then the impact is more. Since a lot of people are visual learners, try to visually illustrate certain things rather than writing them all. 

Focus on Typography:
Be very particular about the size, type and color of the font. Make them attractive but not so weirdly fancy that people find it difficult to read what is written. Emphasize the headings and subheadings with different sizes and maintain the same style for all pages on your website.

Update Regularly:
The taste of people changes regularly. Therefore, if you want your audience to be consistent, it is extremely important to update your website frequently. If you prepare fresh and innovative content, then every time people leave your website, they will make sure to come back again in the anticipation of something new.

Write Explanatory Headlines:
Don’t play a lot with words while writing the headlines. Be very direct and descriptive about that. Note that the headline should tell people clearly what your content is all about. Most people tend to avoid things they fail to understand at a glance.

Facilitate Easy Navigation:
keep your website as simple as you can and make navigation hassle-free for your visitors. Categorize your pages in a way that people find it suitable to explore. Don’t clutter your page or make it too complicated.

Avoid Sliders:
Sliders often go unnoticed. Even if people notice it, they don’t go through all the slides. Remember, you are not putting forth a PowerPoint presentation. So allow your visitors to scout around your website the way they want to. Do not impose a particular method or guide them.

Use Smart Combinations of Pictures:
Play with the visitor’s senses. Use pictures of people facing a region where you want your audience to focus. These pictures prove to be effective visual clues and assist in generating better results.

Choose the Color Scheme Carefully:
Choose the colors based on what is relevant to the services you provide. Do not make your website appear too vibrant or too dingy. Select a decent set of colors which match your business purpose and maintain that scheme throughout. 

Make Space For FAQs:
While you design your website, reserve a place for FAQs. Before availing a service, most people grapple with a similar set of questions. Therefore, answering all of them in one place will not only increase your brand value but also will boost the traffic on your site.

Add Your Logo to the Left of the Page:
It is always advisable to attach your logo on the top left corner of the page. Though it doesn’t hold any special importance, it’s just a convention. People are used to it and will not get distracted while exploring your page. 

Be Careful About False Bottoms:
A dark background in any section of the page other than the footer is known as a false bottom. Be careful. False bottoms mislead visitors and make them think that your page ends just there. So they might exit without looking out for other things on your website. 

Make Your Design Mobile-Friendly:
Nowadays almost everything is performed on mobile phones. So do not restrict your website to a particular device. Make sure that there are no technical glitches when the website is accessed on the phone. Most people will probably chance on your website while surfing on their phones. Therefore, keep that in mind.

Choose Standard Layouts:
The design of your website has to be functional and simple. So stick with the basic standards. Dreamy and strange layouts confuse visitors. They might leave your site as a result of the lack of seamless interaction with the website.

Introduce Scrollers:
Design scrollable pages. It helps you to present a lot of information without crowding the page. Scrollable pages help in maintaining the flow of the visitors and have proved to increase the rate of conversion up to 30%. People will always be anxious to know what awaits them after a bit of further scrolling. So they will certainly check it out.

Provide Links to Your Other Pages:
Within a page provide links to other pages of your website. This way the visitors can get more options to explore what all you have to offer and might be motivated towards sales. It boosts the site traffic too.

Focus on Media Coverage and Improve Public Relations:
Media coverage can enhance the validity of your company. It’s a great way to increase your brand value. Media coverage on different aspects of your company can develop an interest in people to find out more about you. Having a strong public relations team to work along with your marketing team can magically heighten the site traffic.

Post Educational Content:
This is a brilliant way to witness more traffic. Creating courses, certificates and other knowledge-based posts can help in driving a larger audience towards your page as more people seem to have an interest in such areas.

Organize Giveaways:
Organize giveaways on your site frequently and involve products which most people desire to own. Besides giving your visitors exposure to your products, you can increase the traffic on your site. That might become the turning point as some of the participants can become your customers too.


It is obvious that increasing traffic is easier said than done and that it will not happen overnight. You only see those who have traversed miles and are basking in the glory of winning innumerable customers. But don’t worry. Just be assured that there are a million like you who have just begun and are struggling to make people notice them.

This is a long process and things will take shape gradually. Don’t lose patience. Be perseverant, keep the points mentioned above in mind, be honest and the magic will unfold one day soon.

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