Top Landing Page Tools to Generate Leads

The people who are doing business either offline or online their main motive is to generate profits on investment and to grow their business roots. For doing so they write down a lot of strategies, and work hard round the clock to implement those. In the offline marketing we might have seen, to draw the attention of a customer, businesses adopt various techniques like eye-catching billboards, hoardings, banners and supplying of sample products to attract customers, such types of offers influence or attract customers and make them land to their physical stores.

From the ancient era to the digital era we have seen competition, to survive in the present market structure every business has to create a unique model to be on the top of the competition and set a benchmark to others. In a world of internet marketing, the customer becomes a modern buyer, if the better and faster service or experience will not be provided to them. There are chances that they might switch to competitors.

In the present day, the organizations who welcome digital marketing, and using it for the promotion of their products or services have to create a niche for providing better customer experience by giving straightforward information so that customers cannot divert due to a lot of details on the website. The digital marketer has to focus on people to take some specific action by creating a “Landing Page”. Today landing pages have become an important element in the marketing toolbox for every business. For the first time readers, he/she might get confused what landing pages are but they might have experienced or used it when surfing websites.

Landing Page

A landing page is a simple and clear web page which serves as an access point for a website or a particular section of a website. The main purpose of a landing page is to get website visitors to convert to the next step in a buying journey. Landing page stand-alone web page, that doesn’t have global navigation with the main website. There are two main types of landing page

  1. Lead Generation landing page.
  2. Click through the landing page.

1. Lead generation Page

These types of pages are created to collect data such as name and email address. The sole purpose of the page is to collect the information of a prospect customer. A lead generation is a form where website visitor fill in the data if he/she is interested. This type of pages we see in ebooks, guides, and newsletters etc.

2. Click through landing page

The main purpose of using a click-through page is to take the website visitor to another page. This kind of page is mainly used for an E-Commerce website, where entire details of the product will be provided in order to persuade the customer to take action on purchasing. Example Registration of a free trial, a demo of a product or tour of a product, e-commerce purchase and free trial. Advantage of Landing Page

  • Landing Pages Directly Support Business Goals.
  • Landing Pages boost Conversions.
  • Helpful to know about visitors.
  • Improves brand awareness.
  • Landing Pages Increase Reliability.
  • Landing Pages Grow Your Email List.
  • Landing Pages helpful to reform Paid Search Campaigns.
  • Landing page can generate leads.
  • Provide better metrics to make better plans for the business.
  • Useful to track performance.

A well-created landing page can increase conversions for PPC campaigns or email marketing campaigns, by designing attractive landing pages you can make visitors land on the exact page you want them to take. Here are the top tools that help you to make attractive Landing Pages for websites.


Unbounce was founded in 2009, a simple to use tool for building landing pages for a marketing campaign. By using Unbounce the beginners can easily create landing pages without any knowledge of IT or HTML. Pricing It provides its user with a 30 days free trial period. After that, they can choose from the below packages as per requirement.


Lander is one the outstanding landing page tools, easy to use and straight forward.The people who are new to digital marketing can opt landers, by using easily navigable drop and drag option they can create better landing pages. It is enriched with options such as A/B testing, analytics, and text replacement will help to manage a successful marketing campaign. Pricing Starts with a free trial for 14 days.


Instapage is one of the most powerful landing page platforms for marketing agencies & teams, started with a mission to reduce the cost of customer acquisition. It has A/B testing features also so that you can measure the page performance and optimize it if required. It provides 100+ customized and mobile response templates to increase the conversion rate for your business. Pricing Instapage offers 14 days trial then you can upgrade it.


Optimizely is one of the best landing page creating tools that really helps newbies to build the appealing and attractive landing pages for the businesses to generate more customers through leads.A/B testing feature is useful to test and build multiple variations of the landing page and track things like conversion rates or click-through rates. You can Test it free for 30 days. For pricing related information, you can log in and contact the sales force.


Another Popular software for creating landing pages is a Lead page for the digital marketer, it supports businesses to collect more leads and drive more sales on the web. Without the help of a designer or programmer, you can create the landing pages by selecting from readily available templates. Lead page integrates with all service providers and CRM like MailChimp, salesforce, and HubSpot. Pricing 


OptimizePress is specifically designed for wordpress websites and is used to create high converting landing pages. The best part of this landing page tool is, you can run it as a blog theme or install it as a plugin. The templates have great designs and are probably better as compared to Leadpages. The OptimizePress comes with the live editor with a great collection of page building tools called ‘Elements’ which can be used for page customizations and real time editing. Pricing The basic plan for OptimizePress is $97 for 3 sites with some limited features. It includes 1 year of support and updates. You need to renew the plan after 1 year to get continued support and latest updates.


Pagewiz landing page templates have the most unique and modern designs that no other service has. It has a “drag and drop” builder which can be fully customisable as per your needs. Pagewiz includes unlimited split testing, professional integrations and real-time statistics. Pricing The starting plan is $29 per month under a cap of 5000 monthly visitors. It also has a 30-Day FreeTrial.


Wishpond is the favorite tool for Internet Marketers, as it has the ability to create opt-in forms. Having that feature included in Wishpond is a huge value booster. Wishpond allows you to have professional-looking landing pages and thank you pages. Another best feature from Wishpond is to run contests to build an amazing list of followers. You can create responsive landing pages in minutes. Pricing for the Wishpond starts at $49 per month which is billed annually. It also has 14 days FreeTrial in all plans.


Landing pages are crucial for a successful online business. They are the best source of capturing the information of lead’s and moving them further down to the sales funnel. I have given you top tools to create landing pages for your business or clients that most of the online marketers use in digital marketing.

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