What is CEH Training? A Complete Beginner’s Guide to CEH Certification

The CEH Training in Hyderabad or CEH certification course in Hyderabad program is number one, it is one of the most desired cyber security training programs anyone in the field of cyber security will ever want to be in. To master these hacking technologies, you will need to become a hacker, but one with high moral and ethical values!

The esteemed ethical hacking certification course teaches hacking techniques and provides certain advanced hacking tools used by both hackers and cybersecurity professionals to breach an organization’s defences. 

The latest CEH Certification is CEH v11 will teach you the latest commercial-grade hacking tools, techniques, and methodologies used by hackers and information security professionals to lawfully hack an organization.

“To defeat a hacker, you need to start thinking like a hacker”

Certified Ethical Hacking Certification Course in Hyderabad prompts you to explore the world of hacking hands on moving forward in a systematic and practical process with our expert guidance. You will be taught how to practice ideal information security protocols within an organization; by hacking their own organization’s systems.

The most important skills you will learn from ethical hacking concepts include reconnaissance, gaining access, enumeration, maintaining access, and covering your tracks.

CEH Training in Hyderabad course will dip you into the world of a hacker so that you will be able to protect yourself and your organization against impending attacks. Our professional group trainers who are currently working with some major organizations as security analysts, can guide you and teach you the best skills, and practical knowledge.

There is a huge scope of opportunity for people with this skill to be hired as cyber security analysts or certified ethical hackers within these companies.

Why CEH Training or CEH Certification from Simpliskills

Ethical hacking as a profession, describe hackers who provide legitimate services for organizations. As skilled individuals who use the same tools as that of a malicious hacker. Even after completion of their CEH certification, a certified ethical hacker should try to stay up to date on new hardware and software developments. So they can safeguard their respective organizations from the latest security threats including viruses, worms, trojans, and malwares.

Ethical hackers must be completely familiar with the operations of a business to ensure confidential information is not accessible to illicit parties, to warrant a company’s security needs. 

How to Become a Certified Ethical Hacker?

To become a Certified Ethical Hacker, one should enroll at any accredited institute of EC Council like Simpliskills. Students have to give the EC Council CEH certificate exam either by going through an accredited institute or enrolling through EC Council portal. To pass this exam one needs training and guidance which can be provided by Simpliskills.

After completion of training one can go through the CEH exam, and after clearing this CEH exam, upon which you will successfully receive your Certified Ethical Hacker certification that you can use to work as an EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker anywhere in the world.

About the CEH Certification Exam:

  1. Number of Questions: 125
  2. Test Duration: 4 Hours
  3. Test Format: Multiple Choice
  4. Test Delivery: ECC EXAM, VUE
  5. Exam Prefix: 312-50 (ECC EXAM), 312-50 (VUE)
  6. Passing Score: 60% to 85%
  7. Eligibility: Above 18 Years

About the CEH Practical Exam:

  1. Number of Practical Challenges: 20
  2. Test Duration: 6 Hours
  3. Availability: Aspen – iLabs
  4. Test Format: iLabs Cyber Range
  5. Passing Score: 70%
  6. Exam Pattern: Open Book
  7. Eligibility: Above 18 Years

The 312-50 exam lasts four hours, comprises 125 multiple-choice questions, and tests CEH candidates on the following 20 areas:

Module 01 : Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Module 02 : Footprinting and Reconnaissance
Module 03 : Scanning Networks
Module 04 : Enumeration
Module 05 : Vulnerability Analysis
Module 06 : System Hacking
Module 07 : Malware Threats
Module 08 : Sniffing
Module 09 : Social Engineering
Module 10 : Denial of Service
Module 11 : Session Hijacking
Module 12 : Hacking Web Servers
Module 13 : Hacking Web Applications
Module 14 : SQL Injection
Module 15 : Hacking Wireless Networks
Module 16 : Hacking Mobile Platforms
Module 17 : Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
Module 18 :  IoT Hacking
Module 19 : Cloud Computing
Module 20 : Cryptography

Certified Ethical Hacker Skills:

Becoming a certified ethical hacker requires strong technical skills. One should have a wide knowledge of the different methods of hacking which malicious hackers use in order to break into a system or a network. Extensive experience in the area of network security, and web applications is required for today’s Certified Ethical Hacker’s.

Working experience in various Operating Systems like Windows, Unix, Linux, Parrot OS, iOS etc.., are required to stand away from the competition. Good working knowledge of Microsoft and Linux servers, along with network switches and routers is required. A CEH should be familiar with all the penetration testing softwares and tools.

Certified Ethical Hacker Job Description:

IT security is a growing field and cyber security professionals play an important role in the IT field. The Cyber Security professionals mainly involve thwarting malicious hacking attempts through preventative counter-measures. Certified Ethical Hackers apply various techniques and use different penetration testing tools to compromise various systems.

Certified Ethical Hackers also use the same tools as malicious hackers in order to find vulnerabilities in the system or network. This is an effective way to improve the cybersecurity of a business. As many business owners are becoming more aware of security risks, more ethical hackers are being hired in order to ensure the protection of a company’s data.

As cyber attacks continue to increase throughout the world, the demand for Ethical hackers is also steadily increasing. Cyber Security requires the professionals with an ability to think outside the box to find new ways of entering a system illegally.

How Do I Get Started With Ethical Hacking Training?

Interested in expanding your knowledge and advancing your skills on Ethical Hacking? Simpliskills understands this, and always works to teach its students the concepts regarding this. We teach students not only the fundamental concepts of hacking, but also the ethical methodologies that make them good citizens and appeal to companies. 

Simpliskills aims to provide high quality individuals who have become professionals in the field to these organizations. In order to safeguard themselves companies are hiring more CEH certified hackers and we are helping these companies by providing trained professionals and filling the gap by making our students excellent hackers perfect for these job profiles.

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