What is CHFI Training? A Complete Beginner’s Guide to CHFI Course

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation is the process of collecting and detecting hacking attacks to gather evidence and use them to generate crime reports, especially in forensic investigations. In today’s world computer crime is becoming more and more intense as attacks are increasingly frequent. CHFI methods are deployed by the police force, government intelligence, and corporate companies. 

CHFI Training in Srikakulam from Simpliskills is majorly filled with enriched modules and intense practical knowledge, that will teach a candidate practical approaches to incidents as they learn to respond to the hacking attempts, computer forensic techniques, and begin to accumulate digital evidence.

CHFI Certification Course from Simpliskills does not have any prerequisites to join, but we suggest you complete the CEH certification course for a better understanding of the underlying concepts, before enrolling into this course.

The CHFI Training Course Curriculum at Simpliskills is especially designed while thinking of the requirements of these industries: skills a certified forensic investigator should have and is expected by industry professional experts. We train our students to understand each and every concept so that they can easily identify intruder attacks, quickly report the incident, as well as monitor potential attacks.

Importance of Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is when computer investigation and analysis techniques are applied in favour of the interest of potential legal aid. For example, evidence of fraud, stealing trade secrets, and destroying intellectual property is often sought after in these cases.

Everyday more tools are put on the market, to fight against fraud, theft of trade secrets and destruction of intellectual property. Each designed with a new approach to conduct computer investigations, digital forensics, computer crime, or even standard data recovery.

CHFI investigators often rely on a wide array of investigation techniques to discover data that is hidden away in a computer system, in the form of an encrypted or damaged file. Forensic investigators work to defend an organization from hackers.

Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator Skills

Becoming a CHFI professional requires strong technical skills. One should have a wide knowledge of the different methods of hacking which malicious hackers use in order to break into a system or a network. Extensive experience in the area of network security, social media tools, investigation tools, web and mobile applications, is a must.

Working experience in various Operating Systems like Windows, Unix, Linux, Parrot OS, iOS etc.., are required to become a master. Good working knowledge of Microsoft and Linux servers, along with network switches and routers is necessary. A CHFI person must be familiar with all the latest softwares and tools of the CHFI field.

Topics to be known to become a novice in Cyber Crime Investigation 

Module 01 : Computer Forensics in Today’s World
Module 02 : Computer Forensics Investigation Process
Module 03 : Searching and Seizing Computers
Module 04 : Digital Evidence
Module 05 : First Responder Procedures
Module 06 : Computer Forensics Lab
Module 07 : Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems
Module 08 : Windows Forensics
Module 09 : Data Acquisition and Duplication
Module 10 : Recovering Deleted Files and Deleted Partitions
Module 11 : Forensics Investigation Using Access Data FTK
Module 12 : Forensics Investigation Using EnCase
Module 13 : Steganography and Image File Forensics
Module 14 : Application Password Crackers
Module 15 : Log Capturing and Event Correlation
Module 16 : Network Forensics, Investigating logs and Investigating Network Traffic
Module 17 : Investigating wireless attacks
Module 18 : Investigating web attacks
Module 19 : Tracking Emails and Investigating Email Crimes
Module 20 : Mobile Forensics
Module 21 : Investigative Reports
Module 22 : Becoming an Expert Witness

Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator Job Description

The job includes a complete set of skills that will be invaluable while attempting to detect hacker attacks, reporting the crime, monitoring future attacks and, understanding the role of computer forensic investigations.

As of now the job-market has many openings for CHFI certified professionals. Multiple companies, especially MNCs working in the public sectors, have many requirements for people with this skill set. IT security is a growing field and cyber crime professionals play an important role in the IT field. 

As cyber attacks continue to increase throughout the world, the demand for Ethical hackers is also steadily increasing. Cyber Security requires the professionals with an ability to think outside the box to find new ways of entering a system illegally.

How Do I Get Started With CHFI Training in Srikakulam?

Interested in expanding your knowledge and advancing your skills on CHFI training? Simpliskills ensures that each student that comes to them will go back into the world as a more qualified, and professional individual. As more CHFI tools are constantly introduced to the market, Simpliskills also continues to introduce new modules to accommodate them. 

The technical tools and concepts mentioned in Simpliskills CHFI training program will ensure that the student is ready to conduct computer investigations using novel digital forensics technology. Students learn to start up their own forensic lab and explore many different forensics techniques on different operating systems. 

We dig deep into teaching forensic details of hard disks, and existing file systems using standard tools like Encase, Wireshark, Autopsy, Access Data and many more. So enroll in CHFI Training in Srikakulam course now and take your certification with pride, knowing you are now more qualified to be hired in this cyber security field.

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