Content Marketing Made Simple. The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

Ever heard of a phrase that goes on to say that content is king? Well, it is everything in the sense that would ensure you get to market your products and services in a way that no other medium could do justice to. With exceptional content pieces, digital marketers ensure you land the right target audience alongside retaining them with engaging content and create a face of your brand.

With that being said, content writers who are the backhand creators of articles, blog posts, images, and videos, ensure they cover every aspect of the brand that they are working with, they are also individuals who create content that is authentic and original which is unique as well as fresh. 

As mentioned earlier, they are designers that you would always want to portray visuals in the form of videos and images on fresh pieces of work created to make it visually appealing. They are natural storytellers making it artistic and personalized.

With being a promoter and a social-media in charge, they ensure your brand is promoted in an artistic and appealing manner with all the benefits and features of your brand as well as ensuring your customers and audiences are engaged in a way you would be able to have updates about your brand regularly posted.

And hence, content simply puts all the items in terms of visuals and write ups that you would find on any digital platforms.

Still wondering what all the hype about what would fall under the sales funnel? You just got yourself in a treat.

Content Creation in the Digital World:

Picking up from what is known as a content funnel, there are three stages to the content creation process which are – Top, Middle and Bottom. 

Talking about the Top of the content funnel, it basically involves the process of ideation and creation which ideally attracts your target audience to find value to the what benefits and features are being offered in return helping an institution to retain them as customers and constant readers which leads to an eventual sale. This could be in the form of blogs, articles, ebooks, etc.

When you have established a connection and your target audience has found it valuable in the services and the content, they move to the next stage of the content funnel which is the middle of the content funnel which usually enables the content writers to bridge the gap between the brand and the business by engaging them and creating and ideate content which can take the forms of case studies, brochures, etc. This is a stage wherein you have successfully let the target audience know what your brand is all about.

Bottom of the funnel ensures you make the potential customers well informed about the product/services that your brand has to offer with all the features and benefits and they make a decision of making their purchase. This is an important segment of the funnel wherein you create content which is personalized, creative, innovative and engaging that creates an impact in a way that the potential customer is motivated to purchase the product/service that you want to provide.

What makes Content Marketing important?

While we have established beforehand that content is a piece of art that can create a brand name and yield an audience that would keep coming back to you for more. In this generation of digitalization, everything is available online and hence many companies nowadays are investing on a team of good content writers and marketers who ideate and create unique ideas and content which uplifts the brand value to new heights. 

It is a known fact that minimalist, simple, relevant yet appropriate content is one of the major factors that attract the right targeted audience.

With content that is unique and created right, it would create the right brand awareness that you would want in a certain way and audiences would come back due to the way content is framed.

It would basically differentiate between the products and services that you are providing to the other brands in the niche.

SEO friendly content is something that ensures help in ranking of your platform and also improves the search results of your website. This involves simple, unique and fresh content that has a double effect in terms of validating by the search engine as well as your target audiences viewing it.

Any business would do wonders if their website is ranked at the top of the search engine. This involves usage of appropriate usage of keywords alongside fresh and unique content that catches the eye of your target audience to click on your website.

Good content over the website ensures brand loyalty and engages the audience in what they would want to see and gather more information about. Creating engaging content continuously and having informative content would attract customers as well as create demand.

This invariably may create an environment wherein customers connect with the brand and seek answers for queries as well as look out for the latest updates from the brand. This would be the typical kind of content that builds trust, and a long-lasting relationship with the availability of information.

Ensuring having content marketing in a way that revolves around experiences is very important. This involves customer experience, user experiences and brand experiences.

Content that is created in a way that is very well defined, readable and clear on all devices like laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc. is an important factor that can attract more customers and attract more traffic.

Needless to say, content is an art that can be easily shared anywhere by anyone and can be easily measured/ quantified.

This means that the content that you put out is something that your audiences can share very easily due to the information that you are providing. Not to forget, the content writer behind the words is also involved with all of the social media handles, ensures the same idea and content is shared on different platforms to create a brand image as well as interaction with its target audience. 

When a blog, video or a picture is uploaded, it is very easy to take into consideration the number of views and likes have been over the particular piece. Considering that, it is very easy and a different way of analysing and getting the hang of what is of interests of the target audience and what can be the other possible way of getting the message across the right way!

Want to know another important bonus? Content marketing and email marketing could be considered as sisters. This is because email marketing is considered to be one cost-effective way of reaching the target audience in a way you could have a personal connection with a number of individuals in a click of a ‘send’ button.

However, in terms of email marketing, it is important to understand that the message should be crisp and concise that would exactly point to a clear message you would invariably want to send out and hence content that would ensure you have it there to convince the targeted audience and grab their attention.

One trending contenting marketing type is influencer marketing which essentially involves individuals who are affluent and established in their niche on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc. They are individuals that can establish a brand name in the market as well as make a brand go viral. 

Therefore, content writers could be influencers over social media platforms or become their voice (scripting and points to cover are informed) or be both.


With everything discussed, I could in simple terms say that a website that you would look at be it your favourite brand or any of your content creators on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram, just a page with a minimalistic approach or least amount of information and content would not help you as a user, reader or a follower.

Content is the key material that would make you stand out as a brand or an individual who is promoting services and products for a cause in a way that would move your target audience to learn more about it and hence adding value.

Needless to say, it is a task that you may want to consider to enhance your website and your social media handle to make it more interesting, attractive and appealing to create an atmosphere to make your audience more comfortable and stick around for more.

Therefore, all you need to know and get accustomed to what content you want to put out and choose the best-suited content creation that suits the middle of the content funnel that we have discussed above and keep creating that makes you and your audience happy!

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