What is a SOC? A Complete Beginner’s Guide to SOC Course

A Security Operations Center is a place for security teams within an organization employing people to continuously monitor and improve an organization’s security posture. A SOC is established in preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents. The SOC team must constantly monitor, detect, and respond accordingly to these incoming cyber threats that could potentially cause irreparable damage to an organization, its network, and its reputation.

It is usually not managed by the company itself, but rather outsourced to other offices. An office whose sole job is to monitor the company network for threats, and impending attacks, as they constantly analyze traffic flow, through the company network. It must work around the clock using the right tools and the right people to constantly monitor, assess, and manage cyber threats to an organization.

List of topics to be known to become a master in SOC Industry

Module 01 : Basics of Networking and its concepts
Module 02 : Introduction to Kali Linux and its commands
Module 03 : Security Devices
Module 04 : Types Cyber Attack and Mitigation
Module 05 : TCP/IP packets understanding
Module 06 : Firewalls, IPS/IDS, and Honeypots
Module 07 : What is SIEM and Why it is Required
Module 08 : Understanding the detail of various Arcsight Components
Module 09 : Introduction Of SIEM And ARCSIGHT Tool
Module 10 : ArcsightSmart Connector
Module 11 :  ESM Console
Module 12 : Active Channels
Module 13 : Dashboards and Datamonitors
Module 14 : Arcsight ESM Resources
Module 15 : Arcsight Command Center
Module 16 : Event On logger

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