What is Video Editing? A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Video Editing

Video editing is the process of arranging and rearranging multiple raw video clips to produce a final output video. It is a part of the post-production work where after the shooting is complete assembly and arrangement of different shots are done. But the work does not end here. There is much more to it. 

You might not want everything you have shot to be a part of the final output. So editing also involves cutting out unwanted clips. To enhance the visual stimulation color corrections are done and filters are used to improve the visual quality of the video. Adding background music, subtitles, texts and other necessary elements to the video is also a part of this process. 

Why to Learn Video Editing in Srikakulam:

Videos are by far the most effective way of spreading your messages. Besides, if you are good at dancing or acting, how will you showcase your talent to the whole world? You will resort to videos, right? And with a platform like YouTube becoming increasingly popular and a lot of people earning their living from the platform, there is no doubt that videos can take you a long way. So why not add a skill to your bag that can push you up the ladder. 

Below are some reasons which might convince you to start learning video editing right now.

Videos are Highly Effective:
Videos are very poignant and are capable of making an emotional appeal to the people on your behalf. If you know the right editing mantras then your videos can speak louder than you could have. Syncing videos with an appropriate background music is an open secret but neglected by many. Be it spreading awareness on eco consciousness or promoting a business, a video can affect a million souls in the wink of an eye.

Videos are Easily Accessible:
This is quite self-explanatory. You might be sitting on YouTube for hours or randomly scrolling through WhatsApp videos. Videos can be accessed on any device so it is easy for people to chance upon one. Besides, they can go viral and make you or your message popular overnight. Videos of all sorts are scattered on different digital platforms so the reach is massive and impressive.

You Don’t have to Spend a Penny:
Yes, you read it right. Nowadays a computer or a laptop is a gadget to be found in every house. That is all you require. Don’t worry about the quality. Obviously you cannot create one like the Bollywood movies but your videos will look decently professional. And doing it is actually easier than you think it is.

They are Almost Eternal:
As we know people dislike reading long articles even on subjects they want to know about. Probably, you to do not like it. But a video simplifies things. So the crux of mentioning this point is that once you upload a video, it will stay there forever unlike articles or other textual posts which get lost in the crowd. Google prefers videos to texts , you might have noticed that too.

How to Become a Video Editor?

To assure you, there is no particular degree required to become a video editor. Since it is a creativity-based work, people will hire you based on how well you can accomplish the tasks. To be honest, to get into the sector, there is no single path to follow. You need to check out all the options and look for an open door to enter. 

Yet, there are certain steps which you can gradually follow to make it to the job of your choice.
Let’s see what they are.

Attend Video Editing Classes:
Joining classes in a video editing training institute will help you to be acquainted with real equipment besides alleviating your basics. They will provide you with specialized training and the certificates you get after completion of the course will hold a great importance. From the beginning you will get exposure to a lot of aspects like editing, writing, digital Imaging and film production management. At Simpliskills we focus on equipping our students with basic as well as advanced skills to make their video editing career flawless.

Pursue Specialized Training:
Though at the beginning of your career you are required to be skilled in different Softwares, in the long run, having expertise in a particular editing software becomes vital for your professional growth. So while pursuing specialized training, your employers provide you with this opportunity. You can get familiar with one software and get specialized training to know the tit-bits of it.

Obtain Certification:
Though certificates are not a typical requirement for video editors, they can be considered as assets which will show your competence. Video editing softwares like Adobe provides certifications to its users. Though it’s easy to earn a certified user tag, to be regarded as a certified professional you are expected to meet certain qualification requirements and pass some exams.

Complete an Internship:
Doing an internship will boost your confidence in a lot of ways and will form a strong  foundation for your career. During an internship you will get to know the professional aspect of the work, be able to interact with like-minded people and get to know how exactly things work out in this industry. If your employers like your work, they might hire you too!

Gain Experience:
Since the work involves great precision, it is expected even for the newcomers to get it under their belts. Having experience will also be a bonus for you since you will not have your seniors nagging you to do things a certain way. You can exercise full freedom over your work and even achieve greater heights in a short span. Simpliskills gives its students extensive experience in video editing with thorough assessment and honest reviews about their works. This will shape their career well.

If you sincerely follow these steps then I don’t see any reason for you not being able to get your dream job. The field is competitive but your competitors are people like you. If they can, you can too. It might take a few more days or months for you, but don’t quit, it will happen. 

Important Qualities for a Video Editor:

Like every other job, video editing also requires certain qualities to be inculcated in the professionals. Discussed below are a few important ones. Check out what all you have. If you miss out on something, then don’t think that your world is shattered or your dream of becoming a video editor can never be fulfilled. Having some of them will do you enough good. You can try and develop the others gradually.

Communication Skills:
Since the production of a video is a teamwork, being able to communicate well with other team members reflects positively on your work.

Technical Skills:
This is quite obvious. You need to have hands on experience in using different softwares as editing requires working with elaborate softwares.

You have to be extremely creative to be able to produce outputs which will attract people. This might require thinking from the viewers’ perspectives too.

Editing requires a lot of precision. In order to create the most relevant content, you have to ensure that there is no fluff and also that no required part is compromised in the process.


Roles and Responsibilities of a Video Editor:

Once you are done with all the prerequisites and are ready to step into your dream world, you might be curious to know what your prime responsibilities would be. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Collecting a script or the outline of a footage.
  2. Assemble the raw footages or video clips after shooting
  3. Cut out the unwanted segments are arrange the clips in the desired sequence
  4. Adding relevant background music, texts, subtitles and other elements depending on the needs.
  5. Fine-tuning and recording the content to prepare an impeccable video.

Best Video Editing Softwares:

As discussed multiple times that your prime weapon in video editing is a software, let’s learn about some of the most popular video editing software. 

Adobe Premiere Pro:
Adobe Premiere Pro is the one of the first choices of the professionals. You can use it for almost everything. Starting from casual videos to videos for YouTube and even for commercial movies, this software will give you a wonderful editing experience. It offers industry standard video editing and has  impressed users with its host of automatic functions. 

You can import videos from all conceivable sources and the automatic synch feature allows you to handle multi-angle shots with great ease. The tools it has for editing and trimming give you immense control and the precision will be shown your work. To top everything, you will find keyboard shortcuts which are customized to smoothen your workflow. To avail the services you need to subscribe to the software. But don’t worry you will get a free trial before it. 

Final Cut Pro X:
This is another favorite of the professionals. It is available on Macs only. If you are an apple user, then maybe there is no better choice. It can integrate with your photos or iTunes collections. This software has stayed popular because of its ease of use and its versatility in terms of editing. 

The tools it provides open up a lot of possibilities for you to edit your videos. In the latest version of it videos get analyzed automatically and are cleverly cropped with Smart Conform. This converts your videos to vertical, square or any size making it suitable to be exported to different social media platforms. It’s interesting to know that this is subscription free. Yes, you won’t get updates to activate your subscription every month. Just pay once and enjoy a seamless video editing journey. 

Adobe Premiere Rush:
Want to work on your phone too? Adobe Premiere Rush is at your disposal. This is the most suitable application for Android and iOS users.  It is a simplified and basic version of Adobe Premiere Pro. You will find large sized icons and the panels are extremely easy to use. Even on your small touch-screen you can work comfortably. 

You are enabled to edit three audio and four video tracks at a time. It is fit to edit a simple casual video but if you for professional purposes you might not find enough tools. If you are working with Adobe Premiere Pro then you can use this as a complement to do some extra work. However, let’s not forget that it is commendable for sound editing. Since it is a part of the creative cloud subscription service you can choose that or only subscribe to this application. To give you your sweet time to choose, they offer a free starter plan too. 

Whether you are just a beginner or an editing enthusiast, Filmora9 is worth a try. It is easy to use since the interface is quite intuitive. You will find a lot of built-in effects, filters and free music to add to your video while you are starting out and are wondering what should go well with the clip. You can freely explore within the app. 

If you are a professional and the tools here don’t suffice you, you can get the advanced version, that is Filmora Pro. When it comes to proving there are a lot of options. You can try out the free version first. It has all the features which the paid one has except a brand watermark. If you like it, then you can purchase the one year plan or lifetime plan or the supercharged unlimited plan depending on the features you would like to have. 

Pinnacle Studio:
If you are a newbie and are struggling to pick one application go edit your first video, then Pinnacle Studio is the one for you. It is the best for beginners and cheaper as compared to its contemporaries. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer you enough. They provide for more than 1500 effects, templates, titles, 6 strack HD video editing , simple coloring tools, time remapping and what not. These tools are super easy to use. 

You will get to grow with this app without having to spend a lot. You might not find a plethora of mind-blowing features like a lot of its competitors provide for. But we have discussed that Pinnacle Studio is an app for beginners. So it has its reasons for being so basic. If you are happy with the service and want to explore more then upgrading to a more comprehensive package will help. Even after paying if you feel it’s not the one for you, you can avail the 30-day money back guarantee feature. 


So by now there is no doubt that you have got an overview of what video editing is all about. It’s indeed a competitive but an extremely interesting profession. If you are creative and tech-savvy, then that is the combination of skills the field of video editing wants. But if you are not, then don’t be disheartened as learning continues. Follow the simple tips and start your video editing journey soon. 

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