What is Web Designing? A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Web Designing

Who doesn’t love to navigate on a website that looks pretty, is easy to use, has satisfactory content, isn’t loaded with a lot of options and almost all icons are self explanatory? Web Design is all about ensuring these factors. It’s better to know from the very beginning that using Web Design and Web Development interchangeably is not acceptable. So don’t be confused.

Therefore, Web design deals with designing the appearance and layouts of websites. One of the most important aspects of web design is to ensure the removal of complex functionalities. The more easier the user experience is, the more is the success rate. Besides, it has to be kept in mind that the aesthetics of the website must match the business idea represented by it.

There are two methods of website designing. Responsive and Adaptive designs. In responsive designing, the text adapts itself to the screen on which it appears. But in adaptive designs the content remains fixed within the layout. Users have found adaptive designs to be more reliable and engaging. If you go for responsive design, expanding your skillset to exercise control over the final outcome is advisable.

Why should we learn Web designing from Simpliskills in Srikakulam?

The reasons to learn web designing are:

It will help you in reaching out to the targeted audience since the website has a huge capability of targeting the broadest audience. Any of your clients, as well as customers, will have access to the websites from the computer as well as mobile phones.

Proper demonstration of the content and manipulation of the user experience which is used in the exploration of the content is important in giving an effective message. Web development provides a common and universal solution by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

As Bill Gates said,” If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. “ so it’s crucial for businesses to own competent websites. But hiring a web designer adds to the expenditure. If you are skilled in web designing then you can save a lot of money and do yourself the favour.

Web Designing is a lucrative profession. Either you get hired by others or design websites for your own business or work as a freelancer you can make a lot of money and at the same time can make the best use of your creativity.

Future scope of Web Designing

A website is integral to every business. Irrespective of the industry you are in, a website is extensively used to increase the global reach. Therefore if you are skilled in coding and have a sound knowledge on the theories of web design, then you are welcome almost everywhere. Some fields which provide huge opportunities are:-

  1. Mobile Application Development
  2. Entertainment Industry
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Medicine and Healthcare Industry
  5. Manufacturing Industry
  6. Advertisement Agency
  7. Web Designing Company
  8. Banking Industry
  9. Software Industry
  10. Insurance Field

What needs to be done in Web Designing?

Choose a program that writes HTML, CSS, Java and is graphics oriented.
Text and Graphics are the two most important elements of a website.

  1. Polish your creative side. Learn HTML using a simple text editor like Notepad.
  2. Use image editing tools to enhance the quality of images to be displayed on the website.
  3. After you finish designing , test it with multiple browsers . Identify the errors and rectify them.
  4. The next step is to choose a web host and release your website live on the web.

How to Become a Web Designer?

Let’s have a look at what you need to do in order to build a career as a web designer. 

Learn the Theories of Web Design:
Have a sound knowledge on the basic principles of web design. Educate yourself on how to build a strong information architecture. Understand the color theory and the basic principles of visual hierarchy. These concepts will lay the foundation of your career. Things are changing rapidly so it’s necessary to keep learning every time.

Learn Coding: 
It is important to learn coding in order to grow well in the field. Having command over HTML, CSS and Java is a must. This will give you a better understanding of the website and a greater capability to make necessary improvements.

Get Acquainted With Necessary Tools:
As a web designer you need expertise in different areas. Get acquainted with a graphic designing tool like Adobe Photoshop design images competent for web viewing. Be skilled in prototyping. You can decide the feasibility of your design decisions in a short span. Mock plus is a helpful tool for prototyping. Getting familiar with a Content management system(CMS) like Word press , not only helps in managing content but in other activities like designing a template.

Learn SEO Techniques:
It is necessary to design your website in a way that the search engine bots find them easily. Using the right SEO strategies can increase the organic traffic of your website at a breakneck speed. Using the right keywords, sufficing the needs of the target audience will make your website more relevant . Thus it can appear often on the search results page and your website will naturally be ranked higher by the search engine.

Ask For Feedback:
Web Design basically deals with building your website in a way that your audience likes. So show the websites you have designed to your friends or other designers or stakeholders and ask for honest reviews. Take the feedback and work on your website to introduce the modifications required. This will not only give you experience but also an insight into what people find easy and attractive. 

Create a Portfolio:
While creating a portfolio you really need to sell your skills. Employers always want to hire people with experience. So only theoretical understanding won’t do. Give evidence of the websites you have designed. If not any, then design a website of your own and focus on increasing its online presence. This will improve your chances of getting hired.

Educational Qualifications:
You do not need a particular degree to get into the field. However institutions provide courses in web designing. A computer science background can be of great help. Above all , you only have to be good at programming languages for better career opportunities.


Responsibilities of a Web Designer

The responsibilities of a web designer include:

  1. Discussing with clients, the details of their business.
  2. Designing websites for them which are relevant to their business.
  3. Receiving feedback and client’s testimonials on the draft sites.
  4. Staying up-to-date on the technological and software developments.
  5. Ensuring to make websites user friendly.
  6. Gaining expertise in programming languages like HTML, CSS, Java.
  7. Editing images and enhancing the visual elements of a website.
  8. Being a good team member to ensure proper development and management of the websites.

Basic Skills Required

As discussed, website designing is a field that combines creativity and coding. You really need to brush up certain skills , to be at par with  other professionals in the industry. It’s not only about developing the skills but also working on them and getting better everyday, since web design is a continuously evolving sector. Let’s have a look at the qualities you are expected to have as a web designer.

  1. You need to be creative and imaginative. This will help you get an idea of what people would like to see and design accordingly.
  2. You need to be a good listener. Listening to your client and absorbing the details about his business is necessary to design a relevant design.
  3. You need to be able to communicate well with your team members so that every aspect of the website gets handled properly.
  4. You need to have very fine IT skills . Try to gain expertise in programming languages like HTML, CSS, Java script.
  5. You need to have good analytical skills in order to analyze and understand from the metrics, how your website is performing.
  6. Knowledge of SEO will be of additional help as it can boost traffic and improve your website ranking.


All of this makes web designing looks really challenging. But don’t worry. It is simpler than it appears. If you have a knack for designing and coding then this is the job for you. It might take some time to get into it . Don’t lose patience.  Keep trying and polishing your skills. If you have quality work then you will soon find a door open for you.

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