What is Youtube? A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Youtube Marketing

YouTube is the video social networking site which is the second most searched site next to Google. This massive platform boasts to have taken control of nearly a third of the people who spend their time on the internet. Being one of the fastest-growing platforms out there it is a crowd favorite, especially for those in the digital marketing field. 

As YouTube already has a massive following of over 2 billion, there is not much need for further embellishment about the company, what it is, and all of that information. 

Without further ado, let’s tap into the stacks you can accumulate while you spend your time online. 

YouTube Marketing and its Importance

YouTube Marketing is the process of promoting a brand through video content on YouTube’s massive platform. We can usually do these promotions by use of a company’s YouTube channel or via YouTube Ads. 

YouTube is a platform that is sure to benefit businesses of all sizes, as they work in various different niche areas. The best part is that members of all these niche areas can benefit from the use of this great platform! Let’s see the main reasons as to this phenomenon:

Authoritative Imagery:
Professionally curated videos will allow you to build yourself an authoritative image as your audience will understand the level of your expertise which will in turn help build your brand. Building authority can help users see more value within you and your brand. 

Credibility and Trust:
People trust in video, which is why video testimonials are often eaten up by the crowd. Video is a much better tool to help showcase your information, that too in a way that your audience can easily understand.

Brand Engagement:
It is a whole lot easier to retain your audience, it will keep them constantly engaged. Even the most basic, videos will go a long way in retaining your attention and visibility while at the same time projecting itself as ‘effective content.’ 

YouTube Marketing and its Core Benefits:

The amount of content that each user views on YouTube is indeed massive. With YouTube, you can unlock the most out of your potential audience. The logic here is simple, more reach is more visibility, and more visibility is more of a chance to gain potential customers. 

Aim only for the right audience, the ones you want to engage with. Pinpoint the right location, as well as relevant points of interest, and even time of day. This way you will only get in touch with the right audience, the audience that will be able to get you the position you wish to see yourself in soon!

Text is one thing, but it never really scaled up to the same level of audience retention as video. The average person is known to spend around 40 minutes on each viewing session, that is almost unheard of when it comes to textual based media.

Unbelievably High Traffic:
YouTube gets a daily visit count of over 30 million. Yes, that is 30 million people that could potentially hear your pitch and possibly become your leads and future customers.

The Virality Factor:
If you happen to have a great piece of video in your hands, one that many people actually want to see, then it will go viral. When that happens you need little to no effort to reach that massive audience base.

Search Engine Optimization:
Yes! You can optimize on YouTube. You need the right keywords, to enable yourself to be propelled onto the SERPs upon the slightest relevance to your niche. Ensure that your YouTube and website are also in sync so you can help build some quality backlinks for your website. 

Long-Term Sustenance:
Most campaign strategies that revolve around things like AdWords and YouTube advertisements, these do not expire. They will go on forever, whenever someone is in need a lead can be generated.

Cheaper and Better:
This method not only results in a much better strategy due to its permanency but also is a whole lot more affordable as compared to a PPC campaign. As we all must agree, we all need the best tool. As much as you agree that nobody will object if a tool is both cheaper and acts as a better alternative. 

Integrate Social Media Marketing:
You can share your YouTube video on any social media platform that you prefer. YouTube videos can be shared with whatever platform you like.  With this, you will see an exponential rise in your business and its exposure. 

Quantified Results:
You can see the exact results that your companions have accomplished. Such as the people who saw your video or their demographics. These detailed google analytics insights can help you refine your audience and gain some leads. 

That is the best part, you aren’t ever stuck in one place, based on your viewers and their interests you can increase your potential growth even more by simply changing up your future content a little to match these needs.

Yes! This can be a huge advantage for you. Especially if you are not a mainstream brand, then you can tap into a local audience without much competition. This helps you use the same effort multiple times in the form of a post! In which, you will also see much better reach and engagement. 

Compared to that of Google, it is cheap. Since Google charges you one or two dollars on each click. But on YouTube that cost is as less as 6 cents per click on average.  

Promoting Your YouTube Channel:

YouTube provides you a colossal platform to share your content. All you have to do is start a channel on YouTube and upload videos relevant to your brand. The entire globe can get an opportunity to see what you serve.  So let’s see how you can start your own channel.

Sign into YouTube:
Go to YouTube.com and click on the “sign in” on the top right corner of the page.

YouTube Settings:
Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of your YouTube page and click on the settings sign and then Click on “Create a New Channel.” 

Name Your YouTube Channel:
On clicking “create a new channel,” you will get an option to create either a personal channel or create a channel using your business or brand name. Now select use a business or other name as your option if you want to associate your channel with your business.

Now name your channel and select a category which includes:
Product or brand
Company Institution or Organization
Arts, Entertainment or Sports

Yes, I agree YouTube marketing may indeed be very beneficial to you but how do you go about it? Read on, and find out the simple tips that you can follow to gain more attention on your channel!

Secrets to Capture YouTube Video Attention:

Precise Headings:
Keep these headings short and sweet, punch lines are often the best if you want attention. Keywords should be present in the first parts of the title. This helps them identify your content as relevant and will be shown to viewers. 

Google-Friendly Keywords:
Releasing your content online , requires stuffing them with keywords. Some of them are favored by Google, they will help your content to get prioritized by SERPs. It is also easier to rank considering that video is ranked over other types of content. Keep in mind that without these Google-friendly keywords you will never rank at the top. 

Metadata is Essential:
Quality is often a whole lot more important than quantity. Tags should not be abused and are to be put only in the tags section as opposed to the description. My advice to you is to never overlook this factor. 

Fully Updated Profile:
Optimize your descriptions, use the right keywords. It is also important to present balance and uniformity. Other than that be sure to always keep your contact information up to date!

Engaging and High-Quality Content:
You must always convey your message in the form of the best and most engaging content. This is helpful as it will ensure that your channel’s success ratio will go up to the stars. But for this to happen you must know the right editing mantras, instill proper sound and video quality, and finally, you must have a good camera. 

Q&As Session:
When you are out of fresh content ideas, a Q & A is the best way to go. It helps your audience learn a bit about you and will help you build some brand loyalty. Only if you get to know your audience and they get to know you will it truly work out for you!

Brand Collaborations:
Take the help of the big guys, those with an already great followers base. This way you can constantly produce fresh ideas and broaden your reach at the same time! Brand collaborations will effectively help you to dip into their pool of credibility while gaining some good content and great reach! 

Go Live:
YouTube is also a great platform if you want to go live! The act of going live is often the best way to bring attention to your channel as it gives your users a much better experience. Going live also helps your audience gain trust in you and your brand!

Email Marketing:
This is not something you just ignore since it’s an “old school” method! This is in fact still considered to be quite effective. By doing this you can send all of your subscribers a notification email each time you upload new content. 

Look towards Blogging:
Blogging is often the go-to if you want to increase your page views and reach .As such, you can create a video blog that consists of all your channel’s top content. Getting insights from analytics tools will keep you updated on your performance , making room for improvements. 


Your YouTube channel will most definitely see a great incline in terms of views, reach, and engagement if you follow all of these steps wholeheartedly. As long as the sparks known as commitment and dedication are alive your channel will most definitely reach new heights! 

Always ask your subscribers to like, share and comment on your videos and also request them to  click on the bell icon so that they will get the notification every time you upload a new video.

 Do not take too long to start. The right time is now, take your business or brand to the next level, implement these stunning promotion methods and your success will be inevitable. 

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