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Learn to make an impact through Digital Media and chase your dreams until they become your reality by learning from our established digital marketing trainers. Digital Marketing is all about learning how to use digital channels to the fullest. Simpliskills Digital Marketing Course in Vizag is a very comprehensive, power-packed, highly practical and futuristic course designed to lay a strong foundation for your digital marketing career.

Master digital marketing skills. Learn basic networking, make connections. Learn to create brands. Learn to beat the competition. Learn to market yourself. Watch the employers come after you.

Digital Marketing is highly essential for brands/businesses and with the increased usage of digital media among people. Our digital marketing course in vizag will help you create things that will attract many people, and cause them to think about you. Learn digital marketing from experts and kick start a highly rewarding career, or experience exponential career growth. Become an 'in-demand' professional, by mastering our digital marketing course.

Run after skill, explore it till you gain an unparalleled amount of knowledge, then success will run after you and walk hand in hand with you, as failure runs away from you.

To become a great digital marketer learn to produce great marketing results with limited resources and differentiate yourself from the crowd. Join our advanced professional programs on Digital Marketing Practices and gain knowledge and expertise in creating visibility and generating sales for businesses. Help businesses grow and become a digital marketing pro, with Simpliskills digital marketing course in visakhapatnam.

Principles Of Digital Marketing

Basics Of Marketing

Marketing must be done in order to properly promote a product or idea. It should be done in such a way that brands can connect to the customer and establish a productive relationship. In our course we will teach you these various strategies of both traditional marketing and digital marketing. It will allow the student to thrive in a field such that he can practice from the basics and soon rise to the title of ‘expert’.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of reaching your target audiences in a more effective and precise way through various digital channels, to attract, engage and convert them to customers. Digital marketers use digital channels such as search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, affiliate marketing, youtube marketing to build awareness and drive profitable actions.

What is Traditional Marketing?

The method of marketing products or services in traditional ways without the help of digital technologies like web, social media, etc is called Traditional Marketing. The methods involved in it are TV and radio advertising, newspapers, face to face meetings, cold calling, direct mails, exhibitions and conferences. Traditional marketing is like spraying money in the air and praying to god for results.

Latest Digital Marketing Trends:

Digital marketing is not a new technique, it has been available since the beginning of the internet era. This process has been evolving over all these years to become an integral part of doing business. With more and more people using internet-connected devices, it has become easier to reach people online, engage them and convert them to customers.

Digital Marketing Platforms:

The method of marketing products or services on digital devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers using digital medium is called Digital Marketing. Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone. Top categories of online marketing are search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing:

At Simpliskills we help you create awesome things, distribute them across various channels and generate excellent results. Our goal is to make you independently drive results. Digital space is growing rapidly. Unless you have a clear vision and proficiency in the required skills, you will not be able to become a valuable professional. Being just another professional will not help you achieve great results in your career.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Research shows most brands are using Digital marketing to grab potential customers. The Internet has become a part of many people’s lives and many are foregoing other traditional media for the internet. Customers spend a greater amount of time online so the ways businesses promote themselves is also changing. The internet can be one of the most efficient ways to promote a brand.

Why To Learn Digital Marketing?

The trend of marketing is changing. People are more using digital ways to do marketing rather than traditional one. Because compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is cheaper and more effective ways to do marketing and reach more potential customers which helps to expand the business. Digital marketing is one of the best fields at present as well as in the future.

Who can attend Digital Marketing Course in Vizag?


If you are a Student or a Jobseeker, here comes a great opportunity to excel in the field of Digital Marketing. This field is growing enormously day by day and the chances of it becoming a stable career are prominent. Students with knowledge in digital marketing are capable of turning out into entrepreneurs building start-ups with new business ideas. Start a Job or start your own Online Business by mastering it!

Working Professionals

Any individual can learn this Digital Marketing who is having a passion or zeal to grow himself. Learning Digital Marketing can benefit Marketing Professionals, Sales professionals, Business development executives, and other experienced individuals in the marketing field. As we all know that traditional marketing strategies are no more working, so it is the right time to switch over careers to the Digital Marketing Era.

Business Professionals

Business Professionals who want to attract more customers through online media and willing to expand their businesses digitally can learn this online marketing. Mastering digital marketing can provide a massive way for the business owners to generate more profits at minimal efforts with higher ROI. Business professionals can run their businesses more efficiently with this knowledge, and it makes it easier to earn profits.


An entrepreneur is one who excels in business management. Every entrepreneur must invest their time into learning digital marketing skills, as they can gain a greater reach of engaged and satisfied customers. Armed with a high degree of innovation, and marketing ability. An entrepreneur will be enabled to build a business based on statistics, they must also be sure to excel in digital marketing strategies to help them on their climb to the top.

Why Digital Marketing as a Career

  • Open for candidates from all backgrounds
  • Helps in building you an impactful digital presence
  • Easier to acquire a job as compared to other jobs
  • Can get exponential returns with digital marketing easily
  • Can create and develop your own personal branding
  • Can be recognised with Global Certification

Skills for a Good Digital Marketer

  • Learn to write, design, connect and measure
  • Have a mentor who can inspire you to be your best
  • Learn to produce greater results with low investment
  • Be consistent in increasing your network
  • Adapt learning new things consistently
  • Start working on small projects and analyze data creatively

Advantages Of Digital Marketing Course in Visakhapatnam

  • 1 to 1 Training Program
  • Dedicated Computer Lab
  • Unlimited Lab Facility
  • Multi-Platform Demonstration
  • Industry Relevant Content
  • 100% Course Satisfaction
  • Case studies and Assignments
  • Project based Practical Training
  • Cost Effective Training

Advantages Of Digital Marketing Course in Visakhapatnam

  • Dedcated Discussion Forums
  • Webinars, Meetups and Workshops
  • Effective Business Communication Skills
  • Frequent Job Updates
  • Resume Preparation Assistance
  • Assured Placement Guidance
  • Lifetime Support for all Students
  • Career Guidance and Career Services
  • Flexible batches – weekends and weekdays

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training in Visakhapatnam

  • Help you develop your own digital marketing strategies
  • Develop a vision of what you want with the help of our training
  • Rapid-growing, demanding and highly competitive profession
  • Intelligently planned internships with practical experience
  • Learn from experienced and certified trainers

Benefits of Digital Marketing Training in Visakhapatnam

  • Equal importance for both theoretical and practical methods
  • Free Ebooks, Practical Assignments, Certification Support
  • Fast track course available with real-time case studies
  • Prepare for International Certifications
  • Dedicated Discussion Forums

























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Digital Marketing Certifications

Professional Digital Marketing Designations

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers are in charge of development, execution, and handling marketing campaign strategies for an organization. A digital marketing manager plays the keystone role in establishing a brand presence and raising awareness on digital platforms and also at the same time trying new methods to increase website traffic.

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SEO Analyst/Manager

The SEO manager is responsible for developing and implementing SEO strategies for clients, the SEO techniques that are used is directly proportional to the level of success of marketing. An SEO manager must understand how to design campaign strategies for clients, as well as know how to maintain them to reach the client’s goal.

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Social Media Manager

The social media manager requires an active social skill set and responsible for implementing social media strategies for clients. Social media is beginning to take over the world of marketing. The SMM manager needs to quickly understand and develop initiatives that will help clients to reach their goals and succeed in all specific campaigns of social media.

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Paid Search Manager

The paid search manager or PPC manager or Google Adwords Manager is in charge of advertising different forms of PPC ads, and development of different promotional strategies on behalf of clients. The pay per click manager must immediately frame advertising metrics to help develop business initiatives that will further contribute to the client’s campaign targets.

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Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing specialist or analyst is responsible for creating, developing, optimizing, supporting and executing email marketing campaigns as well as drip campaigns. Determines a target audience devises a campaign and launches an email campaign to create branding and generate leads for the business, brands and companies.

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Content Marketing Manager

The role of a content marketer or a content analyst is to gather data, write, rewrite, and market a variety of digital marketing communication assets all over the web and also content for clients, including latest articles, informative blog posts, news stories, videos and web content for a range of industries and target markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no eligibility criteria for this particular course. Anyone with basic computer knowledge and a thirst to rock the internet marketing world can enroll in this course. However, this training is specifically recommended for students, businessmen, working professionals, Entrepreneurs and marketing people who want to embark on a bright career.

In this digital era, there is an increasing demand for professionals who are well-versed in internet marketing campaigns. Candidates have a huge opportunity to set up their own consultancy, become freelancers or work with an increasing online visibility for numerous enterprises and their clients.

Yes, Of course. In fact, more and more companies are looking for people who have experience in traditional marketing and have digital marketing knowledge.

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate on the successful completion of the training session. Also we provide you with soft and hard copy notes of digital marketing as training material.

Yes, We have tie ups with companies that hire for digital marketing positions and you can avail internship on stipend basis. The internship duration and process decision rests with the company authorities. SMEs and MNCs are adapting or shifting their current marketing methodologies to digital marketing due to its cost effective nature and ability to reach wider audiences for promotion.

We offer several courses belonging to the digital marketing field. The training schedule is available on weekdays and weekends. Flexi batches and timings are also offered for the special need of students for their comfort learning. Our regular training course has a nominal duration of 50 to 60 days.

Simpliskills is a well-designed training institute with 80% practical and 20% theory. Unlike other training institutes, we are unique in our ethics and provide real-time projects for a live exposure to the current industry trends that provide better insight.

Simpliskills always provides you with the finest and dedicated faculties who are well equipped with complete digital marketing stuff. Our team has professional faculties who are well qualified with B.E/M.Tech/MBAs who are able to impart the best education for every individual candidate at our institute.

The topics would be the same, more or less. The major difference we think we have is; our knowledge delivery method. Our expert trainers have mentored many students and gave fulfilling careers to all of them. Our training is supported with active case studies and our trainer is an entrepreneur who highlights his experience while training.

The course will give you strong fundamentals on which you can build your expertise. But no, you cannot just become an expert in a few days. But our courses will accelerate your learning curve, so that you eventually become an expert.

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